Parking lot light pole concrete base

When you walk onto a construction project or even a grocery store parking lot, you step out of your car and see light pole bases. TimberWood is available to respond to designers, developers and contractors who would like to include wood light poles in their designs but can’t find the right “look”. are often limited in these areas, while cast-in-place light pole bases are typically left unfinished or fashioned to blend in with the landscape. An oversized backing bar and two high-strength bolts secure the sledgehammer-resistant Universal Locking Hand Hole Cover to your light pole. My material was around $3200 and my labor was $2600. Light pole bases from Bethlehem Precast can be fabricated to your design parking lot standards or stadium standards; Bases have preformed openings along  Precast concrete pole bases provide beautifully-designed foundations for outdoor site lighting, flag poles, advertising sign posts, pipe cradles, parking lot fixtures  When you walk onto a construction project or even a grocery store parking lot, you step out of your car and see light pole bases. The top is easily customized to fit round or square light poles. Curcio's use of state-of-the-art paving equipment ensures that your parking lot will look good as new. Wind conditions are commonly the greatest concern for pole lighting, and to have a twenty-four–inch diameter with six foot–deep reinforced concrete. Our product line includes both commercial and residential steps and rails, septic tanks, basement entrances, retaining walls, utility products, road dividers and more. DESIGNPOLE is a mastered designed (and Patented) product that is aesthetically unique and stunning. It also protects vehicles from minor dings. dimensions a 6” high continuous concrete curb must be used. applications to support street, site and parking light poles. We carry a wide product line including stairs, manholes, catch basins, light pole bases, sign blocks, retaining walls, curbs, trash receptacles, picnic tables, benches, planters, and more. The concrete footing for the pole had metal threaded bars   Need a light pole base for your business's parking lot? Explore all of our easy to install and long lasting collection here. SIZE LIN. Parking lot light pole for parking lot light fixtures. Our products protect high-voltage equipment and are safer than having electrical cables above ground or on unsightly utility poles. 1122 Bradway   Our decorative round and octagonal prestressed concrete lighting poles are ideal for street lighting, recreational areas, parking lots and walkways. It will keep the connections in the handhole out of the snow, also. A. Secure the pole's anchor bolts and wiring according to the manufacturer's instructions. The challenge to save energy, improve security or make sure everything continues to perform in a harsh environment, are all candidates for good solutions. This can be done even if the base of the light pole is inaccessible because the pole is upright. Pre-engineered for the light pole or sign the base will support, electrical conduit and anchor bolts are cast into the precast bases, tied to the reinforcing cage and cast at 42 MPa. Embellish a storefront, walkway, or parking lot space with the dynamic look of this medium-height lamp post. 2. 3-3" EXPOSED CONCRETE TOP AND SIDES 10', & 16' EXTERIOR LIGHT POLE BASE DETAIL. What you don’t see in this picture is what’s going on inside the pole. The light pole support anchors are made in the USA, providing an environmentally friendly atmosphere without vibration installation. Parameters for overall pole height and concrete base height. Bollard Covers. Base Construction (Asphalt) Prior to placement of the asphalt concrete base course, the subgrade should be graded to the established requirements, adequately compacted, and all deficiencies corrected. light pole base covers for parking lot light poles and walkway poles. 3" TYP. XL PortaPost Sign Stand – A 24-inch wide base that stands 4-, 5- or 6-foot tall. 620B Concrete Footing & Base Detail – Decorative Street Light Pole 2014 : 620C RESERVED 621 Street Light Base Leveling Detail 2006 Get expert advice on lighting your parking lot. . With 24″ and 18″ diameter sizes readily available and a smooth finish on the sides of the pole why would you ever cast in place a base again? Light poles are especially susceptible to wind and rain, so their bases and wiring must be protected by an in-ground, concrete barrier. Foundation top plates available with 3 or 4 fixed holes or with slotted top plates. Our specialty is street lights, parking lot lighting, ball fields and outdoor sports areas, commercial property lighting, sign lighting and maintenance. About 20% of these are Lamp Poles, 28% are Garden Lights, and 31% are Street Lights. They are everywhere. Traffic Safety Warehouse provides a huge assortment of parking lot signs, sign bases, sign stands and sign posts. Our curb stops resist UV light, they won’t warp or twist over time and they come with pins for stable installation. Largest selection of pole base covers online. Manufactured inside a climate controlled environment, ensures a consistent quality product. We deliver to your job site for easy lift and installation. Classification. Traditional Concrete manufactures unique concrete poles for lighting and decoration With Pole Base, your precast concrete light pole foundations are built to Learn more about using Pole Base precast foundations for lighting up parking lots and  6 Aug 2014 STREET, PARKING LOT. This cover protects the cement from weather deterioration while also protecting vehicles from car door dings. manufactures concrete light, and parking lot poles for your individual settings. MASTARM LENGTH. Poletector 360° covers crumbling light pole base covers. The electrical contractor that I subbed out from rented the equipment. Car Park Lighting Solutions. Flat Mounted Concrete Base. 30(B)(5)]. Time is money, so why waste time building a wood template for every pole base? With BOLT STAR, you only need enough templates for the number of pole base foundations you pour each day. That is why we created something that looks remarkable. Phoenix Precast manufacturers numerous styles of precast light pole bases -- round, square, tapered, or pyramid. Louis area, Brda Electric is here for you. We always want a design for the light base from either the manufacturer, or from a Design Professional. The top supplying countries or regions are United States, China, and Singapore, which supply 1%, 98%, and 1% of parking pole respectively. LEARN MORE. 7. I was wondering if anyone could help on the depth that my concrete base should go in the ground. While that means the police won’t investigate every fender-bender, there are “rules of the road” that will help support your insurance claim. Daniel Electric Company has the expertise and capability to repair all types of parking lot lighting. Parking Lot Pole Lighting. 56 for 3 $520. Light Post Base Covers are made of rust-proof Outdoor Poles. Field installed with the use of cost-effective, convenient, single-use ArtFORMS Concrete Forms. The concrete footing for the pole had metal threaded bars sticking out and they placed the light pole on top of the cement footing but left a gap of at least 3 inched between the concrete footing and the base of the light pole which was resting on what looked like hex shaped nuts. These bases can be used for many applications including, streetscapes, parking lots, taxiways, flag pole foundations, and sign foundations. 3. Parking Lot Lights; Select Profile & Diameter for Your Surface Mounted Outdoor Light Pole. Most of our products can be made in custom colors to fit perfectly with your decor. Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. ATLAS CONCRETE PRODUCTS Atlas Concrete Products is a family owned and operated company that specializes in a large variety of custom precast products. Contact us today for a quick quote on your custom products! Alibaba. com provides numerous search tools, including location, certification and keyword filters, to help you refine your results. We reserve the right to make changes to these renderings without prior notice. has been the preferred online shopping location for commercial lighting products. Light Bulb Base Type. Light pole foundations are not like other traditional concrete methods, as they can be installed in any type of weather, no preparation of the site is needed, and there is no time needed for concrete to cure. View Details. bollard adjacent to the light pole. We are an electrical contractor specializing in commercial and industrial outdoor lighting of all kinds. Parking Lot-Gate Openers Light Post Base Covers Are Used For Protecting Both Light Poles And Vehicles From Damage. 13 Dec 2018 Light Poles provide light for our streets, parking lots, sports parks, walk contractors pack dry concrete, “dry pack”, under the base of the pole to  ECP ONE Step products for light pole foundations without using concrete. Whether 100 feet or 20 feet, the light pole has a base made from poured concrete. Contact us today to learn more about our products, brands, and any other lighting questions. is not responsible for the structural integrity of the system if anchor bolts are supplied by others. Affordable, attractive, quality ArtFORMS cast-in-place architectural concrete bases for parking lot lighting pole bases, walkway lighting pole bases, column bases, other bases and protective/security bollards. See available wattage and rates for traditional open area lights. Applications: Parking Lot Lighting, Grade Level Bases, Main Street Lighting, Sign Bases, Bollard Bases. 00 7 or more with free shipping Light Pole Specs SSS - 4 Bol were designed around the existing light pole layout, using the same number of luminaires, and with the design intent to meet the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) standard for parking lot illumination. Perfect for roadways, parking lots, and other areas in need of extra lighting at night, these 4-inch steel square light poles are an attractive and affordable way to ensure the safety and security provided by Pole Base comes in several different textures, so not only will you have a reliable base, you'll be getting the most consistent and best looking bases out there! Concrete Products Redi-Rock Q. Florida Pole Setters is your simple, cost-effective, complete-service solution. We can supply prefab cement bases or design and construct our own. A 2-0" 5'-0" 4 (# 4  Our precast concrete Pole Bases do the work for you. Units are paintable and can be fitted with weatherproof outlet covers for electrical access in the parking lot. Not having to worry about matching light poles and fixtures, can make your life easier. Try a LED, CFL, metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamp on any of our light poles. Additional washer size requirement. That way, we know that the poles will stand up to the wind conditions, and that the base will support the poles and luminaires. The heavier construction withstands extreme conditions and the Baked Enamel finish is heated on making the posts highly durable. 2 FINISHING CONCRETE AT WHEELER STREET DRIVEWAY 9. Parking lot lights are typically positioned so that a reasonable light level is achieved across the entire parking lot surface. Precast concrete pole bases provide beautifully-designed foundations for outdoor site lighting, flag poles, advertising sign posts, pipe cradles, parking lot fixtures and many other applications that require a circular base. 118 [410. Therefore, the basis for pole selection in this catalog is total weight and effective projected area, EPA (ft sq), shown on the individual pole catalog pages. Our specialty is street lights, parking lot lighting, ball fields and outdoor sports areas, wood and steel pole replacement, precast concrete pole base excavation,  Universal Light Pole Foundation We are certified by the National Precast Concrete Association, an /ADELTA Descenon — Standard Pole Base Design 2. Our light pole foundation anchors are a quick and reliable foundation method for at grade and above grade . Pole-to-pole banners are not recommended without a special engineering analysis. heights, highoutput luminaires develop a uniform light distribution. Below are product drawings of the different concrete light pole bases available. Street Lighting; Parking Lot Lighting; Decorative Light Poles; Highway Signage  Light poles consist of basic structural elements such as a foundation, base plate, highway illumination, parking lot lighting and field lighting for sports stadiums. Carlon curved lid J-Boxes are listed in accordance with UL 50 specifications for Electrical Enclosures as well as NEMA 1, 2, 3, 3R, 3S, 4, 4X, 12, 13 ratings. Let use show you how a precast light pole base will save your project time and money. A good base is everything! Concrete will crack and crumble if it’s not poured over a solid, stable base. An standard for parking lot illumination. After you've assembled the pole and prepared the wiring, pour a sturdy concrete base to hold it in place. With past projects, I have had electrical engineers require individual lighting poles (18' steel poles mounted on a concrete base in a parking lot) have a ground rod for each pole. shall be 17 (430) when a transformer base is used. DATE REVISIONS Illinois Department of Transportation PASSED ENGINEER OF DESIGN AND ENVIRONMENT APPROVED I S S U E D back notes, ring plate det. They want the base 30" out of the pavement as well. I had to drill the holes, tie and set the rebar, set the sonotubes, pour them out and wrecked them. Precast concrete light pole bases produced in a quality-controlled environment offer a consistent solution for weather resistance, providing superior protection for electrical components within the base. Login or Join to download. Our precast concrete parking lot stops are produced with 5,500 psi concrete. 44 m) for twin Poletector 360° & 540XL Light Pole Base Covers quickly and inexpensively enhance the visual appearance of unattractive and hazardous light pole bases. Rust- and weather-resistant cast aluminum construction receives a bright glossy black finish that invites admiration and approving attention. Streetlight Bases. Traditional Pole Concrete Pole Photo Gallery Utility Structures Inc. Manufacturer of standard & custom outdoor lighting products including light, pole, streetlight & utility bases. Parking Lot, Roadway, Floodlighting or Security. 8 Mar 2018 custom-engineered precast concrete light pole bases for lamp posts, high-mast 1800 Pyramid Parking Lot Base, 350 to 740sq x 1800mm. A wide variety of parking lot lamp posts options are available to you, such as type, application, and certification. >> Our poles are manufactured to the highest standards. Changed pole cap screw type. However, 20-foot poles are less expensive and easier for a work crew to install. As a leading manufacturer of structural lighting products across the United States, we provide an extensive selection of carbon and stainless steel light pole and traffic signal structures. LED Spot offers complete parking lot lighting kits ready to be used in the field. Parking Lot Layout Drives that do not allow parking within th e driveway right-of-way are normally 24’ for two-way traffic and 12’ for one-way traffic. 1 out of 5 stars 24 $119. 25 foot 4 inch square steel light pole for: Street, security, parking lot and car lot lighting QTY DISCOUNTS ADDED IN SHOPPING CART $548. Light Standard Foundation Permanent and portable sign posts and bases for strategic sign placement . However the base of the steel poles AND the anchors rust and cause the poles to fall over. City of Dallas BACKFILL COMPLETELY AGAINST CONCRETE. I normally charge $15 – $25 for a basic arrow depending on the size, 60 cents per linear foot for curbing, $10 per car stop (parking lot bumper), and $20 per light base. 00 for 1-2 $531. Parking Lot Lighting What Are precast concrete Parking lot solutions? Turner Concrete Products offers a full line of precast concrete parking lot products from concrete parking bumpers, concrete curbs, and concrete light pole bases to a full line of moveable, semi-permanent sign support bases. Less expensive than pouring in place, precast light pole bases eliminate four to six items from the scope of work. Showing all 3 results Square Steel Direct Burial Pole. Lower your long term maintenance costs, while offering safety to your customers and their vehicles. Seminole Pole Inc. It was 13 light pole bases for a parking lot. Lamp installs on top of pole by tightening four bolts. A minimum of two light standards of standard pole height are required at all design areas, with the exception of some ramp terminals, entrance/exit points at minor parking lots, and basic transit stop lighting. No, but metal poles used for the support of luminaires are required to be connected to an equipment grounding conductor of a type recognized in 250. I was thinking 30 inches would be plenty for such a short pole. Determine the size of the light pole base by calculating its area in square inches. In addition to our area and flood light fixtures, we carry the poles you need for complete installation. 4 Assume a total fixture contact area of 4. Display parking lot traffic and parking rules using durable parking lot sign posts. Parking Lot Design . Light Pole Base Covers for Parking Lot Light Poles. These boxes provide a giant junction box at every pole making splicing and post installation monitoring easier and faster. Parking Lot Light Standard Foundation New drawing showing elevated concrete light pole foundation for use in parking lots. Material a. Finally, a long term solution for those unattractive and hazardous cement light pole bases. Custom Design and Manufacture. Highway and parking lot light poles are mounted on a suitable concrete foundation. steel reinforcing (as specified) pvc elecric conduits with couplings top and bottom tm section through typical light pole base no scale electric light pole and base plate (by others) precast concrete pole base unit Light Pole Installation Focused on Function, Efficiency, and Aesthetics The lights in your parking lot or other community areas exist to serve a diverse purpose- to provide sufficient illumination during night time hours for people on the property, and to protect them from a myriad of dangers and safety hazards. For wall mounted parking lot lighting, Click Here Call 888-844-3332 for special job pricing, engineering information and Quick Ship details. Finding the circumference, or distance around, the base allows determination of the radius and then the area. Hardware included to bolt to light post base. It is the estimator’s responsibility to incorporate this information into a completed conceptual estimate that will closely reflect the actual cost of construction once the parking lot design is complete. Like light poles that require a base cover, the Pole Repair Kits need a base cover to increase public safety. Parking Lot Sign System. Empty weight, 8 lbs (Sign sold separately). ul 467 listed, corrosion Grounding a parking lot light I keep hearing that you shouldn’t use a ground rod at a standard metal parking lot light and that you should use an equipment-grounding conductor run with the circuits. info@jensenprecast. Download Specs. The design of parking lots shall conform to the minimum standards shown on pages 9 through 16. Choose from a variety of lumen packages, mounting styles, and optics for any large area lighting application. The ring assembly allows it to fit up to 38" height. The Custom Marose raised base makes it feasible for Specifiers / Owners to enhance the appearance of their parking lots with a quality traditional lighting pole. Locate statistics on high-mast, concrete base style lights. Light Pole Guard Base Cover LPGYELLOW, 26"Dia. II. Solar lighting bollards ensure visibility for walkways near or surrounding traffic and parking areas—creating safer environments at night and in low-light conditions. DIMENSION 'X. Parking lots generally have two types of traffic lanes: Main or access lanes leading in and Galvanized Square Breakaway Sign Posts and kits make replacing damaged signs a snap. Both the base and lid are made Bases of light poles are circular in shape. The concrete bases are structurally sturdy and there is no need to replace these. LCG precasts light pole bases in its modern production facility with complete control of concrete supply, forms and production methodology which insures a high quality, consistent product. FT. Shakespeare Round Tapered Tuff-Pole ® products start with a specially engineered filament winding process, utilizing manufacturing equipment developed, built and engineered in house. 5" high ring assemblies. Electrical Repair - "YES, We can Fix it" If your sign is broke, we can fix it. Luxury Concrete Light Pole Base Design Ptrs Round Steel Tapered Poles Kim Lighting Lcg precasts light pole bases in. The Precast Light Pole Base by Oldcastle Precast allows contractors to easily place light poles. The Repair Works installs, maintains, and repairs commercial electrical lighting. 99 $ 119 . We are the leader in the region for all service, repair and replacement of parking lot lights, arena lights, spots field lights and virtually any other kind of light that is attached to a pole. Any parking lot or structure may use . TYPE. UCP produces precast concrete products for the communication, electrical and transportation industries and many others. We offer steel and aluminum light poles in a variety of sizes to fit any exterior lighting scheme. 300W LED Parking Lot Light with Photocell 40500 Lumen Led Shoebox Pole Lights 5700K - Replace 1000W Metal Halide - Led Street Lights for Outdoor Area Lighting - New Arm/Slip Fit Mount(UL/DLC -Listed) Precast concrete pole bases or lamp standards are used rather than Cast in Place bases. cooperlighting. Thanks Parking Lot Signs and Stands at Wholesale Prices. pole handhole #2 bare copper ground wire with ground wire lug integral to pole 3/4" chamfer and tool finished grout joint all around provide raised base for all poles in paved parking areas and areas within 24" of curb from edge of pole base provide concrete base with 4 #6 rebar vert. Light Pole Base Protector. It comes with four 9. Manufacturing high quality light poles, aluminum poles, small cell SMART poles, aluminum arms, steel poles, decorative poles, and more since 1951. Pole Division. These foundations are typically 3 1/2” in diameter x 4’ to 5’ in length. The light pole support anchor systems are installed . In order to use . Install one (1) ADA compliant parking fee sign on the light pole. BASE ON EXISTING SOILS AND LIGHT POLE SPECIFIED ). Use a short piece of small-diameter pipe to make a drain hole through the grout to the pole What Are precast concrete Parking lot solutions? We offer a full line of precast concrete parking lot products from concrete parking bumpers, concrete curbs, and concrete light pole bases to a full line of moveable, semi-permanent sign support bases. ©2019 Utility Metals a Division PARKING LOT LIGHTING BOLLARDS. Replaces RM-31 and RM-32. Traditional Open Area Light. Cast-iron post is great outdoors — it stays in place when you need it, and is easy to move when you're done. When leveling nuts are used, the bottom of the lowest leveling nut should not be more than 1” from the concrete surface. The square box range of car park and AS3000 lighting poles is commonly used for lighting tennis and netball courts, schools and car parks. GROUNDING METAL LIGHT FIXTURE POLES TO EARTH? Question: Mike I had an engineer tell me that there was a Code change in the 1999 NEC requiring metal poles for parking lot lighting with HID fixtures to be grounded to the earth. For more Details on Our kits call 1 For over 20 years, LightMart. Prestressed concrete light poles are an excellent choice for anyone looking for for many different uses including sports lighting, parking lots, and military bases. Smarter, faster & more personalized service from the internet's best parking lot lighting supplier. Light Pole Base Covers Buy Now. Well-lit commercial parking garages also keep customers and employees safe. Pair of 3-inch recessed wheels and ball-top finial for easy transport. c. mounted on 3-foot elevated concrete. The poles are black and have a very nice shoulder on them to give a classic look and style. A 60 Watt solar panel is installed on the top of the light fixture. with hydraulic rotary equipment that turn the foundation in to the ground with the assistance of a Galvanized vs. LED Parking Lot light pole kits are made of high-grade materials to not only look great, but also durable to last year years to come. He is saying that is too much. They are available in sizes 8"x8" or 12"x12". The two main design criteria for parking lots are a minimum light level and a certain uniformity ratio. We carry many varieties of handicapped parking signs, visitor parking, no parking signs, exit, customer parking and more. Mounting Height. 12182 Downloads. It was a lot Westcon Precast manufactures high-quality, durable precast concrete pads and bases for the electrical industry for housing power cables and transformers. Manufactured using 5,000 psi concrete, the Century light pole bases are economical and can be installed in just hours. Lighting units are self-contained, requiring no additional trenching or conduits. Engineers and Installers can depend on ECP’s light pole foundations. Parking lot lighting is the first impression of your business. fields, rodeo arenas, parking lots, and elsewhere—often requires pole-mounted fixtures. Shop for parking lot lighting from LightPolesPlus. Round ABS Base Covers with Round Pole Opening; Square ABS Base Covers with Round Pole With the use of 4-inch steel square light poles, you can easily find the right lighting for your commercial or industrial parking lot. Made with the highest quality precast concrete, we can produce a strong and durable light pole base that meets your exact specifications. All Lights Electrical Service is your one stop for San Bernardino parking lot lighting services, maintenance and repair. Choose from round and square light poles, perfect for parking lots, street lights, flood lights, or as outdoor light posts for small applications. Square Steel Light Pole With Base. APPROVED BY DESIGN METHODS ENGINEER STANDARD ROAD PLAN New LIGHT POLE LOCATION Traveled Way Edge of Traveled Way Edge of Foreslope Shoulder E TYPE 1 1 A Foundation Light Pole Traveled Way Edge of Shoulder E TYPE 2 Foundation Light Pole Traveled Parking Lot Lighting, Parking Lot Lights, Light Poles, Bullhorns, and Brackets in stock and ready to ship. We recommend installing a Light Pole Systems base cover over our pole repair kits to create uniformity throughout your property, and to cover all base hardware. | VERTICAL RODS CU. I'm looking for a simple formula to calculate the depth required for concrete light pole bases. Get Quote. 8ƒ x 8’-0’’ (220 x 2. Q. in as needed with your bolt pattern pre-installed to your prepared parking lot site. Safer and more durable than concrete or plastic. Excellent for indoor or outdoor parking. Our precast concrete Pole Bases do the work for you. You won’t get collision (or comprehensive) coverage with a basic insurance policy. We will form the base and install the conduit for the electric wires. Whether you own a multi-dwelling building, shopping center, or other commercial business, parking lot lighting is a crucial concern. The proper installation of parking lot lighting pole foundations are unknown to most concrete workers. lot. Pole mounted parking lot lighting which provides lighting for more than one tenant (including drivethru - areas from an adjacent parking lot) shall be issued on its own building permit and is separate from the building permit(s) for any building(s) or structure(s) which are part of any commercial project. Get a quote for your lighting project from the light pole experts! They supplied us with six light poles and the brackets for 18 LED lights. Our bucket truck can do all service calls and parking lot maintenance, as it can accomplish a 44-foot reach without using outriggers. Jensen Precast, 825 Steneri Way, Sparks, NV 89431. Decorative and functional poles for roadway, parking lot and area lighting Carolina Base Installers - Concrete Pole Base Installers - Pole Base Contactors - Street Lighting Contractor - build to your specifications. Posted by. In fact, now that we provide Factory-Installed Vibration Suppression Systems inside every SteadyMax Pole. Shea Concrete produces light pole bases in a number of different sizes for use on any site. Residents and customers want to feel protected and secure. Pedestrian Walk Light Pole concrete base, located in landscaping, shall be 6” above finish grade or finished paving. These companies offer a comprehensive range of Concrete Poles, as well as a variety of related products and services. Choose Black, Blue or Yellow base. Browse our selection of precast sign & light pole bases for your next project. K. Its top is easily customized to fit round or square light poles. We clean up our own debris before leaving the job site. Compared to poured-in-place options where you're waiting for concrete to cure or the weather to clear, Pole Base helps keep your job on schedule and on budget! If you intend to install concrete sports light poles yourself, you will need to acquaint yourself with the mounting methods as well as knowing how to select the correct pole for your project. Strands of fiberglass are impregnated with pigmented resin and spirally wound onto a rotating, heated mandrel. Concrete Parking Block Specs. Cement or concrete lighting poles have experienced a recent surge in popularity among property developers, civil engineers, architects, and general contractors. Alley Bumps · Easy Buy Now Poltector Light Pole Guard Poletector logo. manufactures concrete light, and parking lot poles for your  Heavy duty steel anchor bolt kits for mounting anchor base light poles. Price list for services, lighting, pole lighting and parking lot poles. DOT’s and Municipalities across the country have approved these foundations. com. Product Version: Revit Architecture 2008. 99 $189. Every type of light pole and traffic signal pole requires anchor bolts to keep the structures securely in place. I was driving by a construction site and noticed they were installing large light poles in the parking lot. A standard, full-base cover made of ABS plastic is included with each fixture. Dublin, May 01, 2019 -- The "Poles for Street Lights & Parking Ed 2 2019" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets. 99 $189. anywhere you need pole lighting for large parking lot areas – the Carlon nonmetallic curved lid J-Boxes. Light Pole Light Pole LI-101 REVISION 10-21-14 SHEET 1 of 1 REVISIONS:New. Add a RAB pole to your fixture and adapter purchase to shed light on any large space. Browse our site or give us a call at (888)364-8802 I saw several details for parking lot light pole base, where they run #10 ground wire and tie to rod inside the pole base. It doesn’t matter what kind of pole it is. Remove the drinking fountain on the north side of the comfort station. Medium Foundations For residential lights, parking lots, etc. Once you know the basics, installing these poles can be a simple task. Puget Sound Precast manufactures concrete products for residential and commercial use. Also, concrete can contain recycled materials such as fly ash, slag, or recycled concrete aggregate, which can yield LEED credits. FIGURE 9. Close. So preparation is obviously a variable in the price of installing a concrete parking lot and can only be determined by actually seeing it. As a contractor, we are replacing rusted parking lot light poles for our customers all of the time. TriStar Electric has installed thousands of parking lots with safe, dependable lighting. It also protects Poletector fits around a 24" or 34" diameter light pole base. b. EDIT most of your parking lot pole manufacturers will give you a paper with drawings of a typical pole base detail if you ask for it. Hand Drawn to scale drawing, see “Section 8 Sample Plan”. Post Guard manufacturers a variety of bollard products including plastic bollard covers, bendable bollards, bollard sleeves, rubber speed bumps, parking stops and more Best Answer: Get bids and sub-out the concrete work. They provide huge time savings, and can be installed quickly, opposed to cast in place. Our qualified and experienced electricians can troubleshoot and repair all lighting fixtures including HID and fluorescent lamps We can also install any of the new LED style fixtures. Welcome to the premier industrial source for Concrete Poles in Florida. Benefits are derived from well implemented Solutions. CONCRETE. Puddle the grout around the edge of the pole base and firmly pack the space between the pole and the foundation. Prevent Copper Theft in Your Parking Lots. ThomasNet. Our light pole bases are made to order in a very short period of time, so we typically can meet any project schedule. These four by four and five by five inch poles are sturdy and reliable. Our technical sales team will help you be confident with your parking lot light poles & LED fixtures. Quarterly to biannual inspections are recommended for both the light pole and luminaire to maintain safety, longevity, and aesthetics. Phone: 775-352-2700. Order your breakaway sign posts and kits from Seton & enjoy fast shipping! Pole light base digging day. The elegant Marose base overcomes the past deterrent to parking lot lighting with elegant vintage lamp posts due to the visual incompatibility between distinctive lamp posts & crude Precast Light Pole Bases are a great accent to your parking lot. Every Lighted Sign, Every Pole Light, Every Neon, Every High Reach Electrical Repair - Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey. Bolt-Down Bollard. For a quote call us at 818-771-1900 BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION. Regular light pole maintenance and inspection is extremely important. Decorative Light Poles and Base Covers, Decorative Bases for Poles, Architectural Base Poles, Light Poles, Post Tops; Smooth, Fluted shafts, Clam Shells 2-piece base designs - are assembled and bolted around the pole base after pole installation and for existing poles. Driveway entrances shall be designed to accommodate all vehicle types having occasion to enter the lot, including delivery and service vehicles. Pole Base Cover Products. There are too many cases where economical short cuts  Parking Protection ▻. Fluted Pole with Clam Shell Base. Anchor bolt extension shall be as shown on DOE drawing 01S0054 length as required. Replacement Parts for the Pole 101A22 Series? Do you have light poles with outlets towards the top for security cameras? What is the touchup paint for dark platinum? What is the touchup paint for dark bronze? What are the dimensions of the base cover for SSS6 pole? What is the two piece base cover for RSS6M27SFN1? Parking Lot Traffic Rules. YDS. com Light Poles: A Guide to their selection, installation and maintenance, including the cause and effects of pole vibration June 24, 2009 Customer I recently did a job and lost on it. Install base and light pole the same day! 24” and 30” standard diameters offered. Square Steel Pole. . Affordable, attractive, quality ArtFORMS cast-in-place architectural concrete bases for parking lot lighting pole bases, walkway lighting pole bases, column bases  Turner Concrete Products offers precast concrete parking lot products including concrete curbs, concrete parking bumpers, and concrete light pole bases. Parking Lot Lighting. BOLT STAR 30-inch Resuable Bolt Template Advantages over Wood Templates I recently did a job and lost on it. Precast light pole bases are an efficient cost effective product that results in a quality installation of any light pole system. In addition to the standard drawings, Section 34 and Section 35 are new to the Parking Lot Paving Detail Wood Pole Streetlights!Traffic Signals Concrete Pull Century light pole bases are a proven performer with contractors constructing parking lots and/or retrofitting facilities with new outdoor lighting. ArtFORMS® concrete bases solve the problem of the all-too-familiar, typically crude, unsightly, low quality tube-formed concrete base. By owning all our lifts, trucks and vans, we are fully equipped to provide for all your electrical needs. Our different concrete parking blocks offer their own unique specifications. Utility Concrete Products We are the leading Midwest precast concrete company. ArtFORMS® International Inc is a company you can rely on for innovative, quality concrete formwork products and a high standard of customer service. NO, SIZE LIN. Description. 3 Jul 2017 Pole mounted - parking lot, driveway. com for parking lot equipment including speed bumps, car stops, bollards, bike racks, and barriers. 3 City Light Luminaire & Pole 155 square concrete pedestal 9 inches in Raising the base of the traffic signals or street light poles Collision coverage is generally what you need in your car insurance policy to cover hitting a pole. Consult the factory. Many concrete parking lots have been completed with no base and are performing well years later. Most parking lots are private property and not subject to state traffic laws. We offer concrete light pole bases for things such as parking lot lights, recessed lighting, bollards, force protection and a variety of other applications. B. Park-It curb is environmentally friendly - manufactured from 100% recycled rubber. The front cover plate is held in place with a standard key or combo lock, which is partially shielded inside the high-strength steel body. Precast light pole bases are an efficient, cost effective product that results in a quality installation of any light pole system. 00 It was a lot Poletector® was started in 2006 to simply "cover the ugly". 3. Concrete parking lots can be colored and textured to meet the owner's desires. 15' security camera poles and Light Poles are designed to reduce the amount of movement and shake commonly found with many light poles. Light pole bases are available round or square. We have since added a full line of parking lot protection and branding products. Round, Square, plastic, metal and any color you would like. to be installed on a pole, area, size, weight and location must be noted. ECP light pole foundations are an economical foundation method designed to support street, site and parking lot poles. To help secure a custom fit, Poletector uses a tamper proof Tough-Lock System. I am currently looking at a project that they have not required this additional means of grounding. at Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC) lights atop 13, 33½-foot light poles. He said that a ground rod must be driven at each pole. No Rating. Light Pole Guard Light Pole Guard is an attractive sleeve that covers the unattractive cement base of light poles. Wheight can be up to 70 lbs Use this Wall-Mount Kit to mount your HPAL 100-, 160-, 200-, or 300-watt LED area light on a concrete or brick wall. We have three standard textures: Ledgestone, Fluted, and Smooth. At Mountain West we know a lot about precast concrete pavement. The kit comes with a round pole slip fit attachment that fits onto the included wall-mount bracket. Lamp post bases are made from cast aluminum alloys. Galvanized vs. Secure online ordering. They will be 15' tall with just a single head 250 watt light. Stunning even. Based on Valmont 330 Series Poletector fits around a 24" or 34" diameter light pole base. 12183 Downloads. Buy Online. MT. Use concrete to extend the foundation in depth and width until it rests on a  The Light Pole Base Protector is designed to fit around a 24” diameter light innovative product that is revolutionizing commercial and retail parking lots. Light Pole Guard's patented ring assembly fits a 24" base - any height Its top is easily customized to fit round or square light The primary objective of any parking lot lighting installation is to create a safe and visible space. Case #1 . This report. ECP light pole support anchors are a quick and reliable foundation method for at grade and above grade applications to support street, site and parking light poles. This antique luminaire, mounted on a 15-foot pole, is aluminum with a glass optic assembly and is black in color. We also locate and repair underground faults, do vacuum excavation and install precast concrete pole bases. Pedestrian Walk Light Pole concrete base, located on sidewalk, shall be flush with sidewalks. www. Most people go through their days never taking notice to anchor bolts projecting from the concrete around the pole bases. Stainless for embedding in concrete March 11, 2008. No Parking Lot lighting is required. Custom sizes in round and square can be manufactured. Parking pole products are most popular in United States, Canada, and Australia. com's offering. Fills with water or sand (up to 50 lbs of weight), and withstands winds up to 40 MPH. High Mast, Concrete Base. Find quality post light parts online or in store. ENETU FOUNDATION. HT. Available with LED or metal halide light fixtures we can supply you with a light kit for every lighting project you have. Available as lamp post bases. Light Pole Anchors. Alternatively, the pole could be bolted to an existing concrete pad using appropriate bolts (not included). Parking lot light pole kits are pre packaged for you convience. Choose between our FlexPost® Standard torsion spring or our FlexPost-XL™ heavy-duty internal spring. At Winchester Precast, each Pole Base® structure is engineered to meet your project’s unique needs and desired aesthetic. Our 62 foot boom truck allows us to work on lighting up to 45 feet high. Out of town for the week installing parking lot lights. Commercial-grade materials enhance the utility of this stylish commercial outdoor post light pole. Millerbernd offers custom steel light pole design and manufacturing for demanding projects. Product illustrations are artist's renderings. Both officers have been found to be at fault for said accidents by the investigating supervisors, and as such I am forwarding the accident reports to the Ethics and Integrity Unit for further review. Materials We have information on design guidelines, plans and specifications, reports and publications, and more. Pour the base and wire it up. Parking Lot Light Pole. Light poles consist of basic structural elements such as a foundation, base plate, pole to base plate connection, anchor rods, pole and lighting fixtures called luminaries. We offer light poles, indoor and outdoor commercial LED lighting fixtures, light pole brackets, light pole parts and more. JMA Manufacturing provides a complete line of plastic parts for the Lighting Pole Industry : Base Covers, Pole Caps, Decorative Base Cover, Round Base Cover Obviously, we don’t want water running towards our home or into our garage, so making sure the drainage is accounted for properly is the most important aspect of concrete parking lot cost. Gain information on lights with fluted poles with clam-shell base. at 12" o. If you want to dive into deeper detail about Boston’s traffic rules and regulations, we also have an extensive traffic guide. 2,688 lumens integral Page 1/3. After pouring the concrete we then set the anchor bolt pattern for the light pole. Pole Base removes the hurdle of concrete work on site, allowing you to go on to the work that you specialize in. This base protector is an innovative product that is revolutionizing commercial and retail parking lots. Poles + Bases. Whether it’s a light post, a telephone pole, or anything else, it would be covered under collision coverage. Note: Concrete base at all pole lights is not to exceed 18" above grade  An aluminum pole, round or square, concrete base mounted or direct buried. Known information will be: the mounting height of fixtures, EPA (effective projected area of fixtures), diameter of concrete pole base (example: 24"), wind speed (example: 100 mph), & gust factor (30%). Corrosion, high winds, wind-induced vibrations, or an overloading of the structure may damage a pole and lead to failure. You can see the advanced rust on the base of the pole, as the moisture had nowhere to go once the base plate was sealed to the concrete pedestal. After the new luminaires were installed and allowed to properly burn in, il­ lumination levels and color temperature supplied by light pole manufacturer and installed per specified pattern. Our truck is well-equipped and well-maintained, so you won't see any hydraulic leaks on your lot! One Call Does it All. Permits and applications We have a number of rules you need to Shop for Traffic Signs and Traffic Sign Stands at The Park Catalog. LED Parking Lot Lighting 150W - Dusk to Dawn With Photocell 5000K LED Shoebox Pole Light 19500lm Outdoor Commercial Lighting IP65 for Large Area Street Parking Lot Lights 4. Bringing in 4 to 6 inches of a good compact-able base is a good rule of thumb, but the exact amount of base for your driveway depends on the condition of the existing soil, the climate, and what you plan to park on your driveway. Mel Northey has a wide collection of Victorian lamp post options, commercial outside lights, street signs, and mailboxes. Maintenance-Free Light Pole Base Cover. I T NO. REPAIR OF EXISTING LIGHT POLE FOUNDATIONS I. Signature Streetscapes’ aluminum surface mounted outdoor light poles are constructed by combining solid cast aluminum “Bolt Bases” and our extruded aluminum posts. After you have done this you are going to want to calculate pricing for the other markings in the parking lot such as logos, stop bars, arrows, light bases and bumpers. Typically for light Park line is your parking lot expert with the experience you need for the proper installation. Shop post light parts in the post lighting section of Lowes. Want an extra sturdy looking pole? We can make any size up to 8” x 8” x 35’ Want a different color or texture? Round Tapered Tuff-Pole. Decorative, Parking Lot, Roadway or Security. com offers 514 parking lot lamp posts products. It is convenient to mount the pole on the hinge base assembly which permits the pole to be tilted down for servicing the light components mounted on the upper portion of the pole. com! LED fixtures, light pole swap outs, brackets & arms, complete lighting packages available! Order online or request a FREE quote from one of our parking lot lighting specialists! I recently did a job and lost on it. Parking Lot Poles & Bases Without proper maintenance, the deteriorating effects of the environment over time can reduce the functional life of a light pole and in some cases, cause pole collapse. 99 Pole Mounted Parking Lot Lighting . Access details on the town and country style light. Need a light pole base for your business's parking lot? Explore all of our easy to install and long lasting collection here. Comfort station: Remove an approx. Although the VDOT Road and Bridge Standards only note standard pole lengths from 70 to 140 feet, other lengths are available from several manufacturers. 21 Jul 2017 Learn about groundwork, foundations, local codes, and more. On a large parking lot with say 100 pole bases, if you plan to pour 20 bases each day, then you only need 20 BOLT STAR templates and reuse them 5 times. Often light-duty and Parking Lot Signs on Portable Stand (54368) Order parking lot signs on a portable stand in a handy, affordable kit. As a cost and time savings versus concrete foundations, ECP’s helical light pole foundations are the right tool for the job. Higher light poles usually require larger bases. The Light Pole Base Protector is designed to fit around a 24” diameter light pole base. 10 Nov 2014 CONCRETE BASE COURSE, 8" (Full Dp Restoration for curb where the new Footway LATEX MODIFIED EMULSION PAVING SYSTEM (Track area ) 15- 0251 STREET LIGHT POLE FOUNDATION, 15 INCH BOLT CIRCLE MARKINGS, 4" WHITE (Parking lanes & Angle Parking & Bus & Parking Box). These LED shoebox and post top lights replace inefficient MH and HPS fixtures and last at least 5 times longer. The specifications for the project I’m working on now require both grounding methods. Does the NEC require a connection of a parking lot lighting pole to a ground rod? A. 2 days ago. Expert Product Selection + Support; USA Made Poles + LED Fixtures; Simple + Reliable Product great support for concrete parking lots and can actually perform better than imported aggregates. The bolt circle template provided conforms to the bolt circle of the pole base. (and fought wasps in one pole, I batted down at least 4 with a shovel I found). Apprentice. These attractive plastic base covers hide those unsightly rusty, old, cracked cement light pole bases around buildings and parking lots. x 41-1/4"H, 4 Rings, Yellow Light Pole Guard is an attractive sleeve that covers the unattractive cement base of light poles. The most common variety is a 4’ square steel pole. Single and double fixture arms are available. Before Poletector® there were no solutions to cover unsightly, deteriorating cement light pole bases. Get the best deal for Aluminum Lamp Post Base Landscape & Walkway Lights from the largest online selection at eBay. Concrete parking lots are green—runoff is low toxicity and cooler than from asphalt surfaces. This is an improperly-installed pole in the same lot. Flexible Sign Posts & Bollards will eliminate your parking lot repair and maintenance fees while minimizing damage to vehicle and the parking lot surface. AE Concrete designs and produces a broad selection of standard and custom-engineered precast concrete light pole bases for lamp posts, high-mast light towers, sports lighting poles and other essential lighting structures. 80' L x 5' W area of concrete pavers, base, and concrete sidewalk and install an ADA compliant walkway in the same footprint. suitable for pole standards less than 20’ high). Get information about asphalt paving costs, parking lot construction costs, maintenance costs and more in commercial properties in Cleveland, Ohio. These features make Seminole Poles Concrete Poles the first choice for all your lighting application A wide variety of parking pole options are available to you, There are 6,697 parking pole suppliers, mainly located in Asia. Copeland is Colorado's go-to source for all your precast concrete needs. C. CRITERIA TO DETERMINE BASIC STALL SIZE . General Structures, Inc. com Light Poles: A Guide to their selection, installation and maintenance, including the cause and effects of pole vibration June 24, 2009 Customer Light pole bases from Bethlehem Precast can be fabricated to your design specifications – whether large or small. Other parking lots need additional base due to the conditions of the project. Shop Now at Belson. LIGHT POLE FOUNDATION. High-performance LEDs meet modern styling in our LED parking lot lights. D. We make old lots look new and new lots look complete! Poletector is a protective light pole base cover that enhances the appearance of your parking lot, creating a better visual appearance, while also lowering long term maintenance costs. Light Pole Support Anchors. Parking Lot light pole concrete base shall be 30” above finished grade. Town & Country. While there are many aesthetic features to be discovered during these inspections, the list below focuses on items where safety is a concern. 4. Why do we need this ground wire and rod inside pole base? For lightning protection? If the circuit feeds this parking lot light has equipment ground wire, do we still need this ground wire and rod inside pole base? Light poles are used in a number of settings including highway illumination, parking lot lighting and field lighting for sports stadiums. As a last step, place a non-shrinking or expanding type concrete grout in the void between the base of the pole and concrete foundation. With a new design that emphasizes strength and reusability, the BOLT STAR reusable bolt template is used by electrical contractors to hold four anchor bolts in place and keep the structural rebar cage centered during the concrete pour of a light pole base. Instead of having to worry about pouring the bases in place and dealing with weather, concrete strength, correct alignment, Oldcastle Precast light pole base are produced in a controlled environment helping us maintain a consistent mix quality and All light fixtures or pole assemblies require proper evaluation to ensure that the structural integrity of the assembly is not compromised when applied in specific wind conditions. Concrete shall be Item 499 If you don't like the typical 30-36" base height, I'd struggle to have some concrete height there to protect the pole from groundskeepers. 11214 Downloads. (USI) is a precast concrete manufacturer, specializing in concrete poles for; Outdoor Streetlighting, Sports Lighting and Utility/Hydro Distribution. stops, parking lots, truck weigh stations, tunnels, bridges, work zones, and detour applications. You provide the Bolt Pattern, Specifications, and Locations and WE DO THE REST. The ECP light pole support anchor systems are installed with hydraulic rotary equipment that turn the foundation in to the ground with the assistance of a helix shaped plate that In the light pole industry, anchor bolts play a key role in all construction processes. into poured concrete with a portion of the bolt protruding for mounting the light pole. 2" base for 1-3/4" square posts or 2-1/4” base for 2” square posts Vintage Single Street Light Pole Lamp Municipal Street Light Antique w/ pole These has photocell on top of light to automatically turn on at nite and off in the morning. stall dimensions for design. Types of lamp post bases include bolt-down anchor bases & circular bases. For drives serving thirty (30) or fewer vehicles and where parking is not provided on either side, the width for two-way drives can be reduced to twenty-two (22) feet. light or utility pole, fire hydrant, traffic signal controller, telephone junction box, etc. Poletector is an attractive sleeve that covers the unattractive cement base of light poles. eliminating the eye sore of rusty or crumbly cement that tends to discourage any attempt to paint them  Park and Recreation. • The High Strength U-Channel post is a favorite for town municipalities and other government bodies. Pole Base is a precast light pole base foundation that is high quality and high margin. The luminaire - assembly is hoisted to the top of the tower by a winch located in the base of the pole. u/solarsilversurfer. People have begun to realize that concrete, in spite of its reputation as a purely industrial substance. Eaton, who struck a concrete light pole base while traveling in a private parking lot at 1108 Whitney Ave. Case #2 . The patented ring assembly fits a 24” base up to 38” tall. Is this required in by the NEC and if so, where would I find the LED Parking Lot Lights. Because luminaires are designed to meet the needs of different parking lot geometries, manufacturers assign distribution types that describe the coverage area of the luminaire and its shape. Lamp post bases are available in To achieve adequate drainage, a slope between 2% and 5% is recommended for paved surfaces in a parking lot. Concrete light poles have many benefits one of them being that they have a The mount height of the pole measures from the ground to the base of the lamp, Commercial parking lot lighting packages can be more affordable than you think. Combined handhole orientation details. We have a great selection at competitive prices. 0sf located at the top of each pole. CONCRETE FOUNDATION 1-1-1 0 January 1, January 1, ENGINEER OF PRELIMINARY ENGINEERING Bolt circle diam. We supply poles nationwide for municipalities, distributors, developers and contractors. and #4 rebar horz. Shepherd's Crook Pole. Light Pole 2014 . Installation Pole anchor kit is included for setting into new wet concrete. Product Drawings: Light Pole Base Round · Compare · Add to wishlist. We can install helical light pole anchors as foundations for street and parking light pole foundations. Whether you need parking lot lighting services or parking lot light repair in the St. The patented ring assembly allows it to fit any height, and the top is easily customized to fit round or square light poles. Light poles and posts with anchor base mounting for parking lots, streets, roadways & more! Anchor Base Light Pole with 4' Davit Arm $1,125. com Light Pole Guard Poletector 360 Trust in Parking Padding Solutions to supply your garage padding and protection products needs! We offer a wide range of quality products that are attractive, install easily, and pay for themselves with maintenance savings. 5 Parking Lot Layout Parking lot light installation. is level the lugs first on the concrete pads In parts of the United States installation of light poles as high as 100 feet have become commonplace. Nonmetallic construction eliminates rust and corrosion. Designed to work in nearly any environment, our sign posts and bases can withstand harsh conditions and even vehicle impact. Typical parking lot light poles are manufactured out of steel. With our LED parking lot lighting kits you can save money with our DLC Light Pole Bases Precast concrete light pole bases Precast concrete light pole bases save time and labor! Bolts and conduit raceways are pre-installed. Quantity The base bid shall include the number indicated of repair of existing light pole foundations located as shown on the drawing and made as hereinafter specified. We specialize in architectural and custom precast concrete products. By choosing DESIGNPOLE, you are choosing to be Eco-Friendly, design-conscious, efficient, and economical. 05 4 with free shipping $495. Precast concrete light pole bases, round or square, can be made in any height in most sizes. Exterior Control Console Details Revised conduit type to match H5 detail. parking lot light pole concrete base

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